You became an addiction , a attachment , a drug , a seduction . . . Every time i use a drug , it bring back the old memory of that angel stuck in bones . . My heart has no limit but my lungs do . . . . . As the drugs hit me hard , breathing became a war with my own organs . They beg me to stop this thing . But for those sweet memories i could burn myself to death .

Nobody ever understood . . . No one catches my tears at night . . . Nobody holds me and say ”everything will be alright” . . . I was alone as the moon . . .

That’s the time when i met those smokes and small round things. . . Which melt my pain and offered me a comfort sleep . . . She become my physical necessity. . .


One Last Time

I want to breathe in the presence of her , For one last time , I wanna be with her , to tell every words i failed to express , Feel those lips and her untamed tongue once again , that kind of lips which gave adrenaline to my heart , As well as stops it at the end .