Mother’s Day #Memory

Me : Did u like this ring . It’s your birthday gift..

( tears in her eyes she said )

Mom : I have lost my son three years ago , and now i got him back.

(I just smiled and cursed myself under my breath )

This is the most simple definition of the word “MOM” .No matter what sins we does , in the end she always forgive’s everything . A never ending irreplaceable love .


Magic Books

I like to call books  as a magic , it will carry you to another world in another time.Each book carry 200 – 400 pages , thousands and hundred’s of  words , millions of letter and each letter express different emotions ..It shows both the happiness and the pain of a writer  . It expresses the feelings in , most  understandable way ..Hurt a writer and you can see the destroyed world you have created in his pages ..



“she puts her hands in either side of my face , and the room falls away . I have kissed before but never gotten so lost in a kiss like this , and then the space between us explodes .

My heart keep missing its beat and my hands cannot bring her close enough to me . i tasted her lips and realize that i have been starving .

I have loved before but haven’t felt like this .. I have kissed before but it didn’t burned me alive .. Maybe it last a minute or maybe for an hour ..

All i know is that kiss and how soft her skin is …when it brushes against mine .. and then even if i don’t know until now .. I have been waiting for this girl forever “

And suddenly i woke up . This was the best nightmare i ever had . I try to smile as tears slowly travels though my cheek . . . I do realized that there was a part of me which still bleeds for her . . .

” Suffocating Breath “

I wanna suffer more, a lot more than I ever did.. I don’t want to cry to sleep.. I want that pain that I m causing myself to make me unconscious.. I will become the play house of my demons..My skin be their food.. My Scream be their music.. My pain be their entertainment.. Worthless in this world..

You haven’t even leaved my burned heart..alone… You took that Ashes and spread that all around my Wounds.. I m suffocated from my own breath.. I have died a 1000 death already…

Still Teach me more.. Kill me more… Hurt my Wounds again and again… Choke me till I faint… Show me what pain really feels..

“Cruel Words “

Those words she said has pierced thorough my remaining heart leaving nothing .. Like a stone.. I fell down with nothing left than tears through my eyes.. I haven’t cried like this before.. this time my tears has just traveled to next world..

In the world of pain I sink again.. with no intention of swimming.. Not anymore… I had enough.. I heard what I wanted to hear.. That word , which scared the shit out from me.. She said that without any hesitation..

I want to hide myself from this world again.. Feel the pain once more.. Let it show me it’s worst face… Swallow me as hard as it can.. Torcher me more.. Make me realise that how cruel it will be..

Kill me.. But slowly I wanna enjoy it more… Melt my soul.. Take me away..

“Torturing Wounds”

I still search for you in.every crowd… In every dream.. Inside every person I met.. Still I couldn’t find you… I m doing my best..
You hide yourself in your lies.. And those things killed my trust..

In the darkest forest where light never enters.. I saw the demons slowly walking behind me whispering every thing I don’t want to hear, I screamed and run for help.. From this Creature.. Until I lost the control of my breath….
There I fell on my knees, crying, Till its whispers in my ear again.. “it’s OK you cannot run away from yourself… You are meant to be like this.. So there is no point in crying.. “I turned around my head and found out that, it was her memory that was hunting me…

The demons are back, storger than ever, they are looking for a fight.., Looking to win.. And I won’t survive this war…

Here’s to the night, I stood alone….
To the night I cried hard and couldn’t breathe…
To the night I prayed for her to come back..
And to the night where she never looked back..
I tanq for this..
Its not suicide.. It’s just the soul as black as hell.. . Leave this earth for good…!!


Love is nothing more than a fairy tale..Everything fall apart when the wave of reality hit you… I began to cry without tears.. Scream without any sound.. On each day I die a silent death.. My tears dried up..
“why you love this girl soo.. Much…why can’t you move on ”
Angle inside me whispers..

But devil.. With loud and clear voice Scream in my head .. “Cause you love her idiot “..
My demons are winning.. They never lost a fight.. As sun began to set, they rise.. With blades..and swords.. To tear me apart. Cold black demon.. Left me crying in the darkness of night.. The greatest trick of them was convincing the world that they never exist..
Those things drown me in the river of shadows.. Like a cool and clumsy bay..
She killed my angles.. And let my demons sing the last prayers..
Like the legend always says.. “that’s the thing about pain.. It demands to be felt ”