Fairy Tale

You become a myth in my fairy tale story that i soon start to forget , A mythical  person you become and a poetry i prefer , And that name make my blood drops scream . You left  me alone in the path of wonderland tearing the map , and i stood there hoping that you will come back someday .

And i curse when love come close and her words was slowing stoping my heart and her pain was injected through my veins and , I took that as a compliment . . . .


One Last Time

I want to breathe in the presence of her , For one last time , I wanna be with her , to tell every words i failed to express , Feel those lips and her untamed tongue once again , that kind of lips which gave adrenaline to my heart , As well as stops it at the end .


Love is always been a strange black magic.My vision is getting blur from the smoke forming from my mouth , it is giving me pleasure and taking my life slowly with it , every night it warms my soul , i inhale this thing that kills me to make me feel more alive than before , to make me forget everything for a movement .Each puffs holds screams from my head , It gave me strength to fight my own fears .You become the reason for my drugs . As the nicotine began to effect my cells in the body , the whole world become an hallucination . Every wound make me who i am and every scares will make myown kingdom . Those who commit suicide don’t want to end their lives all they want to do is end their pain . And cigarettes are the classy way to commit suicide . .

Breathing Ghost

Will You always be this ache inside me. This empty space filled with my silent tears.
Alone again with the dark , Days when roses climb through my bones like tendrils of memories , Piercing my heart , Clawing my throat , Stem of blood in my mouth , And I remember..” How beautiful was her smile “..
Night when you walk trough ma bones , Tasting each drop of ma blood , Haunting for words , And I wake to your voices in my head , And scattered pieces of my heart in the floor.
It’s another of those heavy nights where I don’t want to move or sleep or get out of the shower and the words forming so quick in my mind that I can’t keep up..
And at every night this shower get hotter and longer and one day my flesh will melt off and you will find me there, A collapsed Skelton waiting for you to pull me out from the drain.
I will not be dead nor alive either.I m just a ghost with bleeding heart.