“she puts her hands in either side of my face , and the room falls away . I have kissed before but never gotten so lost in a kiss like this , and then the space between us explodes .

My heart keep missing its beat and my hands cannot bring her close enough to me . i tasted her lips and realize that i have been starving .

I have loved before but haven’t felt like this .. I have kissed before but it didn’t burned me alive .. Maybe it last a minute or maybe for an hour ..

All i know is that kiss and how soft her skin is …when it brushes against mine .. and then even if i don’t know until now .. I have been waiting for this girl forever “

And suddenly i woke up . This was the best nightmare i ever had . I try to smile as tears slowly travels though my cheek . . . I do realized that there was a part of me which still bleeds for her . . .


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