“Torturing Wounds”

I still search for you in.every crowd… In every dream.. Inside every person I met.. Still I couldn’t find you… I m doing my best..
You hide yourself in your lies.. And those things killed my trust..

In the darkest forest where light never enters.. I saw the demons slowly walking behind me whispering every thing I don’t want to hear, I screamed and run for help.. From this Creature.. Until I lost the control of my breath….
There I fell on my knees, crying, Till its whispers in my ear again.. “it’s OK you cannot run away from yourself… You are meant to be like this.. So there is no point in crying.. “I turned around my head and found out that, it was her memory that was hunting me…

The demons are back, storger than ever, they are looking for a fight.., Looking to win.. And I won’t survive this war…

Here’s to the night, I stood alone….
To the night I cried hard and couldn’t breathe…
To the night I prayed for her to come back..
And to the night where she never looked back..
I tanq for this..
Its not suicide.. It’s just the soul as black as hell.. . Leave this earth for good…!!


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