Love is nothing more than a fairy tale..Everything fall apart when the wave of reality hit you… I began to cry without tears.. Scream without any sound.. On each day I die a silent death.. My tears dried up..
“why you love this girl soo.. Much…why can’t you move on ”
Angle inside me whispers..

But devil.. With loud and clear voice Scream in my head .. “Cause you love her idiot “..
My demons are winning.. They never lost a fight.. As sun began to set, they rise.. With blades..and swords.. To tear me apart. Cold black demon.. Left me crying in the darkness of night.. The greatest trick of them was convincing the world that they never exist..
Those things drown me in the river of shadows.. Like a cool and clumsy bay..
She killed my angles.. And let my demons sing the last prayers..
Like the legend always says.. “that’s the thing about pain.. It demands to be felt ”



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