“Who I am.. “

Thats the thing about that boy.. Cute by appearance.. But the world doesn’t know about the demons living inside him.. A cursed a boy like this should never be lonely but he is.. He is waiting for someone who could take him back to wonderland.. Where he came from.. His sins has no limits.. He has committed more sin than the number of times he took his breath.. He is the cutest devil i have ever met.. He is trying to fit his hallucinations.. In his reality..but he doesn’t know that.. Combination of these things is the worse.. Cause nobody told him anything about this.. Falling in love with this cursed boy is a curse.. He gonna treat you in a way that no-one will ever do.. Not even in your next seven life… He gonna make you feel like u are in heaven when you are with him.. He will took your heart in his hand. . With his.. Words.. He gonna break that in 7 different directions that.. It won’t ever be fixed.. Not in this life.. Wounds that this boy caused will haunt you down.. Till eternity.. He won’t stop there, he gonna feed the beast inside him with the Ashes of your burned heart..” Mercy .. Loyalty.. Love..” He doesn’t even know that these thing exits.. Cause nobody has showed him anything like that.. Or he fails to understand it…. That girl has just teached him about pain.. And he is giving what he has to others..
I m cursed by his sins..beyond infinity.. Save me from this wicked demon..that eating me alive..
Save me…


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