images-11_1.jpg.jpegShe was the puppet of my demons.. They loved her more than they loved me.. Trust me taming them was not that easy.. But she doesn’t tamed them..she controls them.. I tried but they have been stained by her blood.. Covered with her lies. Armored by her wicked spells.. They are attracted to her.. They no longer needed me. But they need her as the Wolf need the moon.. On every night they try to be with her.. Thus killing me by that process.. I m the only barricade.. Which lies between them.. And her..
She has influenced them in all possible ways.. So Much that.. They forget that I m a living.. Creature.. Which too got feelings..
I m soo sorry for them that I existed..
Dammed by the witch .. Let me wander here with my cursed soul.. Till she calls me back to feel her warmness ..again..


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