Cold Hearted Angel 

Will You always be this ache inside me. This empty space filled with my silent tears..
Alone again with the dark.. Days when roses climb through my bones like tendrils of memories. Piercing my heart. Clawing my throat. Stem of blood in my mouth…. And I remember..” How beautiful was her smile “..
Night when you walk trough ma bones.. Tasting each drop of ma blood.. Haunting for words.. And I wake to ma voices in your hands.. And scattered pieces of my heart in the floor..
It’s another of those heavy nights where I don’t want to move or sleep or get out of the shower and the words forming so quick in my mind that I can’t keep up..
And at every night this shower get hotter and longer and one day my flesh will melt off and you will find me, A collapsed Skelton waiting for you to pull me out from the drain..
I will not be dead nor alive either..
I m just a ghost with bleeding heart..


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