I felt nothing nor the pain choking in my throat . .
Nor the wind on my face . .
Nor i ever cried from that day . .
I really felt nothing…i just felt numb . . .

I think this pain has become the part of my life . .
I don’t want to see her anymore . .
But this pain is making me see her again and again . .
I don’t know what i feel anymore..
Happiness have leaved me a long before . .
But the feeling such as pain , torcher , depression is still with me . .
these feeling is all i have now..
It had never leaved me alone . .
As night reaches . .
It will kiss my hands and legs with silver pencil . . .
Coloring my hands with red ink  . . .
making a permanent tattoo in every drawing ,
for making me remind that “you are worthless” . .! !
I keep all inside because i’d rather pain destroy me than everyone else . .
and maybe one day you will see what you did to me.. . ! !


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