Nothing in this world can compares with you . . .
You are the precious thing that i lost in time . .
I can’t control my emotions i have in me for you . . it is talking me to hell . . i wish i never had met you . . . You are making me hurt myself . . in every secound of my life . . You are crushing me from inside . . You will never understand this pain . .
I m fully drained out . . You colored my soul in darkness . . yet i trusted you . .
You promised you will always b there for me . . and that was one of your favorate lies i have ever heard . .
You are burning me alive . . Each unspoken words you said to me is making me bleed …i wish one day you will find what you are searching for in my BLOOD . . . I swear one day i will hurt you . . But even if i get a chance , i m afraid that i wont be able to do that . . caz you know i m not very good at hurthing people , esspecially you . .
I wish i could kill that part of myself that hate me soo much . . but i think , that is impossible it feels like that all i have become . .
I m not soo strong anymore .
I m sick and tired of trying to hide the mess that i am . . .
Its not that i dont feel pain its just . . . i m not afraid of hurting anymore . .
She was a SAINT with the LIPS of a SINNER . .
She was an ANGEL with the devilsh KISS . . .
Of all the things she done to me . .

I still LOVE her ENDLESSLY . .


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