I QUIT . . ! !

large sad anime boy girl beat up hurt bloody blood aw

Everyone want to heal me ..But that’s something i can’t have in my life . .
Cauz i know i been i addicted to this pain . . .
My body is asking me to remove blood from my vains. .
My skin is asking me for drawings..
My brain is asking me to quit..
and my soul is screaming for pain….
pain is the only thing in my life that make me feel llike i m alive ..
Scars are more welcoming than clear skin..
All my dreams have turn against me..killing me every day
I will never be the same once i was..
Love kisses hugs have turned in to
Cuts scares and blood..
I stop showing my feeling to everyone..
inorder to make sure that all the pain stands within me
so that i could enjoy every little bit of it by myself..
I don’t want to heal this wound..nor i will ever try to …
I just want this to get worse ,more than i did before..
I know i won’t survive this
I don’t love you anymore ..
I love this pain more than i ever loved you ..
Its ok baby . . ! !
You did what you wanted . .
And i got what i needed. .
everything is going to be okk . . .
[ atleast for you ]
I tried you did’nt . .
I quit have fun. . . ! !


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