You are the princess of my daydreams . . I don’t deserve you . . .

You deserve much better that i can’t be . .

You make me laugh when i want to scream . . .
You make me smile when i want to cry . .
I know you are trying your level best to heal me . .
You are the reason why i breath today. .
You told me that i your ANGEL actullay i m your tiny little red faced with 2 dark horned
wicked DEMON . .And now i say ,you are my angel with cute smile and big white wings
ready to take me  , away from this hell . .
One day you will be able to take me with you . .
All i wish that ” let that day come soon  “. .
So that i will be able to come with  you to your disneyland . . !
and you could show me the white one horned UNICORN you fly. . .! !


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