broken_promise_by_nanfe-da7lu06All promises are just words until you fulfill it either make a world or it destroys a world..
Once,You made me believe in it ..but right now baby you are one who teaching me that “it is meant to broken” ..Because you turned out to everything you promised me you won’t ..It was all a LIE isn’t it.!!Some night i m scarred you’ill forget me again . . I just want to drown all my thoughts in long and heavy night . . Sometime we ask GOD for a healing when he wants to give us a RESURRECTION.
I hope one day you realise . . I did truly care for you . . I PROMISE you gonna miss me being there , putting up with you , refusing to give up on you . I PROMISE you gonna regret everything you done to me , including all the damage you caused . . I PROMISE someday you will trun back and i wont be waiting for you any longer . . I might be wothless to you but you will MISS me , when i become pricelss to someone else…
But you my girl you are the one who HURT me the most . .!
It gotten harder and harder everyday to control the voices in my head . Keep myself from grabbing a blade or holding myself back from crying a river , depression and sorrow seems to be all i know , how to feel . I feel like i m just drowing in a wave of eternal sadenss…!!
I PROMISE upon everything i ever loved,
I PROMISE upon every movement we were together , every breath i took so far in my life ,
I PROMISE upon every KISS i gaved u, every HUG . ! !
And most of all i PROMISE upon YOU . . ! !
I gonna LOVE you for ETERNITY . . ! !
Its all a PROMISE …that YOU WILL NEVER KEEP ! ! . .


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