I m crumbled from inside ..I got nothing to do in this world of your’s..I thought what we had was love ..Until you made me believe that i m nothing to you.. I don’t blame you at all..i deserve it..But this was too much…I can’t handle this much of pain it is completely destroying me …You have taken everything from me HAPPINESS,LOVE,DREAM,and most of all ,you have taken my SOUL with u..and leaved me in this wicked world ,all alone to bleed to DEATH…How could u be such an evil …!
You made me believe in ghost stories now a days have the laugh of the angel and the smile of the are wicked ,wild and wreckless thing..You have destroyed me in every possible way..My body is a dead language and you pronounce each word perfectly..
But i gonna survive this ..Because sometimes world doesn’t need another hero..Sometimes what it need is a MONSTER…!!
And i m the monster you have made..!
And most of all, don’t be SORRY,

i trusted you, my mistake not YOURS…!!


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