The-BoyShe is killing me in my nightmares ..filling her mouth with my blood..
I loved her soo much that i thought she was kissing me soo hard…
She is a liar..yet i made myself believe in all hr lies ..
I was her puppet and she was the one who pulled the strings..
Too many silent cries traped me in this nightmare…
Her soul was like a colourful dream in a world of muted grey nightmares..

I don’t want to be here ..but her evil smile is bringing me closer to this world of lies day by day…i need to escape from this wicked world..
Of all the things i choose in my life, i didnt choose my nightmares ,then i understand that You don’t pick them, they pick you.
Its been like a bad dream i never woken from..!!
Ohh!! God, let this all be just a bad nightmare…. !!


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